Release The Freelancer Source Code

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    Microsoft Corporation
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We, The Undersigned, request that Microsoft Corporation release the SOURCE CODE for Microsoft Corporations game, FREELANCER. The game ALREADY has a HUGE MOD base and new things are coming out daily. Releasing the game code as Microsoft Corporation did with ALLEGIANCE where no one can re-release it under their name and sell it would be perfect. Microsoft Corporation could allow MOD'ers and other developers change and re-develop the code and release patches/MODs for the game.

The game base continues to grow but unfortunately MODs can only do SO much. FREELANCER could be completely re-written to support newer technologies, added commands, better graphics and sound engine, more radio chatter and much, much, much, much more.

So, WE, The Undersigned, call upon MICROSOFT CORPORATION to release the code for FREELANCER to the PUBLIC. People would still buy the game since how many of your gamers really know how to compile/build a game from source?