Support the Florida Marlins' New Stadium

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    State of Florida Legislature
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To: The Florida Legislature. Re: The Florida Marlins

You have recently stated you will not include a $60 million dollar subsidy for the Florida Marlins new stadium in next year's budget. You have done very little to support either of Florida's baseball teams, but especially it's first. The Marlins brought an amazing amount of attention to our state, not to mention the hoards of New Yorkers that visited South Florida for games 3 and 4 of the 2003 World Series. The Marlins are no longer the embarassment that they were in 1998 and you as the Legislature need to support the team. It is ludicrous that you are STILL paying Wayne Huizenga the $60 million dollar tax exemption that the Marlins originally received when he no longer owns the team! At the very least you could shift that exemption TO the Marlins. National experts are beginning to doubt the viability of baseball in South Florida. The question is not fan support, we saw that during the World Series and Opening Day 2004. It's a question of governmental support. Do you want to keep the Marlins? Do you want the attention and tourism they bring? Because if not, Las Vegas, Portland, Washington...they'd all be glad to steal the Marlins. And you would have ripped our hearts out. SUPPORT THE FLORIDA MARLINS!