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Ford Focus C1 in NA

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    Ford Motor Company USA
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We the consumer would like for Ford Motor Company to provide us with a Ford Focus equal to or similar to the Ford Focus of Europe. We are still stuck in the old bland american design while Europe gets all the goodies.

We the consumer here in America also has HIGH interest in a performance model Focus such as the ST or RS Focus soon to be available in Europe. We will either wait for such a model or go elsewhere for it and NOT settle for a RWD V8 beast. Some of us consumer are wanting an FWD/AWD monster from FORD and we are not getting anything close to that resemblance.

On the same note we would also like the Focus to be switched over to the growing C1 platform...why are we still stuck on the C170 platform when the European Focus has the C1 platform. Shouldn't cars by the same name share the same redesign? Rumors have the next redesign will also be based on the C170...why would you not redesign to an already existing C1 platform? We would like to see more consistency with the European branded Focus and the American branded Focus. We feel we are being sold less of a product compared to the Europeans.

We hope you take your time to give our thoughts some consideration.