Ford High Mileage Club

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    Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center
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Dear Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center,

We are expressing our interest in a Ford High Mileage Club. We believe that this would be a great benefit for you and allow us to express our love and devotion to our Ford/Mercury/Lincoln vehicles.

We would like to have badges for high mileage marks that would be displayed on our vehicles. The first badge would be for 100,000 miles and an addition badge for every 100,000 miles. Perhaps even a few 1,000,000 badges will need to be created. This would allow us to publicly display our pride in our vehicles.

From a marketing standpoint this is free advertisement for Ford Motor Company. It would show thousands of people daily how dependable and long lasting Ford vehicles are. Other drivers would be exposed to 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, and even higher mileage badges while in driving on a daily basis.

The cost to run such a program would be very minimal, but the advantages and benefits far outweigh the costs.

Please begin planning of a Ford High Mileage Club. We would be very interested in joining.