Allow Foster Homes In Brooklawn NJ

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    The Town Council of the Borough of Brooklawn, NJ
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    Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers
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This petition is in support of Jennifer Smith, New Jerseys Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers and the foster home system necessary for animal rescue in our communities today.

Each year about 9.6 million animals are euthanized annually in the United States (American Humane National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy). In an effort to reduce this, "Foster Homes" for homeless pets have become a critical part of modern, humane animal welfare organizations large or small.

"Furrever Friends Rescue And Volunteers" is a small, NJ Registered charity, non-profit, 100\% VOLUNTEER run organization that relies on its foster homes to rescue approximately 200 cats each year. One of their foster homes operated by single mom, Jen Smith, is in jeopardy of being shut down by the Borough of Brooklawn (NJ) simply because the number of animals in her home exceeds the town ordinance of a 3 pet limit. Please note that the cats causing the excess of an additional 8 pets are not her own pets, but in fact temporary residents in Jennifer Smiths care as fostered pets.

This petition is to make the Council of the Borough of Brooklawn aware that the future of the eight foster cats in her home unknown because of their previous ruling to continue the ordinance as is. In addition, that by preventing Ms. Smith from being allowed to foster, future animals she could have saved will remain on the streets: to procreate, to spread disease, to run in traffic, to injure humans, to die.

This petition is to urge that the borough of Brooklawn, NJ, amend the current pet limit ordinance to make allowances for ALL animal rescuers affiliated with substantiated animal rescue groups.

We must take a stand. If you don't speak for animals - then who will?