Campaign to Free Troy Davis

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    Larry Chisholm, Chatham County Ga. District Attorney
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    Campaign to Free Troy Davis
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Larry Chisholm, Chatham County District Attorney
133 Montgomery Street
Savannah, Georgia 31403

Dear District Attorney Larry Chisholm:

As part of a worldwide Campaign to Free Troy Davis, we, the people who signed this petition, call on you to stop any work towards the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. In fact, we call on you to seek in all haste Troy Davis' freedom from prison. As the prosecuting attorney, you have the power to drop the charges against Troy Davis. Do that now! Immediately ask the courts to vacate the conviction and death sentence against Troy Davis. Ask the courts to give Mr. Davis a new trial. This is the only fair course of action because seven of the nine witnesses against Troy Davis recanted their testimony, and because at least five new witnesses identified Sylvester "Red" Coles as the real murderer in this case. You have no murder weapon and no forensic evidence against Troy Davis. Do not execute an innocent man. Do not execute Troy Anthony Davis.

In addition, and as a matter of fundamental fairness, give Troy Davis and his lawyers copies of all police reports and other information from this case. This information will show that the government railroaded Troy Davis to death row. This information will show that police encouraged and sometimes forced witnesses to lie at trial against Troy Anthony Davis. Act now against this injustice.