Draft the Bush Twins.

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    George W Bush
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After Election day, you found yourself still in the Oval Office. Were you surprised?

Many of the 225,000 American troops you have sent to Iraq will also find themselves staying someplace else far longer than they deserve to be and will be surprised in a far less agreeable way.

As you know, 1124 American troops have been killed in Iraq.

987 of these casualties occurred after you declared "Mission Accomplished" in May of 2003. They were young and predominantly working class soldiers who joined your army to fight on your orders.

Many troops now know that they are only risking their lives to line the pockets of your corporate bad-old-boys, but they still regard themselves as honor-bound to fulfill their tours of duty because that is what a soldier does. In many instances, however, they intend to fulfill their obligations and leave the military as soon as is possible without incurring a dishonorable discharge. Because so many are now vowing never to re-enlist, you will soon be forced to consider implementing a draft in order to ensure that the oil keeps flowing and that the no-bid reconstruction contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan are seen through to financial fruition.

I therefore ask that, if and when the draft is brought in, your daughters Jenna and Barbara be included on the basis that a good commander never expects anyone to do anything that they wouldn't do themselves. Is that unfair or absurd? If so, is it not absurd that so many young, poor Americans have died or are being put in harm's way to make you and your associates richer? Reach out to America by doing as you would expect others to do.