"Fright Night, Part 2" Special Edition

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As fans of "Fright Night, Part 2" the sequel to the sleeper hit horror film of 1985, we feel that a deluxe re-issue on both DVD and Blu-Ray should definitely be taken into consideration. Involvement by key individuals associated with the film (Tommy Lee Wallace, William Ragsdale, Julie Carmen, Brian Thompson, Jonathan Gries, Brad Fiedel, et cetera) is quite important to the film's core audience.

Suggestions for possible supplemental materials for such a "special edition" are as follows:

- WIDESCREEN remastered presentation
- Director commentary
- Cast commentary
- Retrospective documentary
- On-the-set home movies
- Any and all initial publicity featurettes
- Theatrical Trailer
- TV Spots
- Outtakes or alternate and deleted scenes
- Blooper reel

Please appreciate our concern and know that each of the undersigned are potential buyers of your product. Thank you.