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    The British and Kazakhstani governments
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Steve Ogrizovic as many of you know contributed a great service to English football during the 1990's. He is famous for his service to Coventry City FC but also played at Chesterfield, Shrewsbury Town and Liverpool. At the end of the 90's Steve retired from the game and joined the charity 'Over the bar' helping young goalkeepers in the UK and now Europe develop into better athletes. To raise money for the charity Steve Ogrizovic decided on a sponsored journey around the world, consisting of each countries public transport and where there was no transport walking. His journey would take him through Germany then across Asia followed by a jounrey through south America and then completing his journey by ferry back to the UK. Steven didn't make it to South America. The present situation Steve is facing is imprisonment Kazakhstan accused by the Kazakhstani government of being a spy. Steve is meant to have lost his way and trespassed onto Kazakhstani private military land. We at the F.S.G have contacted Tony Blair yet no definite action has been taken yet. The British embassy has contacted the Kazakhstani government but nothing has come of this. Here is our petition to Tony Blair and the Kazakhstani government demanding the release of footballing legend Steve Ogizovic and protesting his innocence. Please sign this petition and help bring forward the release of Steve Ogrizovic. Thanks you

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