Bring Back Futurama

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We are extremely aggravated by the cancellation of Futurama. The last petition on this subject, sent in with 150,000 names, was ignored by Fox. The show's creator, Matt Groening, has shown that he dislikes what the network has done to his show, and that he would like to continue it in any way, including switching networks. The millions of fans of this great show are disgusted that it was cancelled. Groening has shown that he would like to continue his Emmy winning show, yet Fox has turned him and millions of Futurama's fans down. The only one being hurt in this deal is Fox, because everyone who signs this petition is agreeing to boycott the network until we get some positive response. This could mean continuing to air Futurama or giving Groening and the rest of the crew the rights to make new episodes to be aired on other networks. Either way, they will be fulfilling their purpsose - to entertain television viewers.