The Green Day Cyborg

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It is stated, among many well respected members of Wikipedia and the punk rock music scene, that Green Day is not only a punk rock band, but also a fake band consisting of three cyborgs, Billie Joe Armstrong, "TrŠ¹ Cool", and Mike Dirnt. This is underlined in the famous underground book by Dre Kewl, "Green Day Cyborgs & Other Stuff They Don't Want You to Know". This book goes into much deep discussion of Green Day cyborgs. A short summary of the book, as posted on a mechanic's car windshield in 2004 somewhere in Ohio reads as follows:

"It was a warm summer day in 1941. Quebec children were playing in the streets. Suddenly, a time portal appeared before us. It was a blinding white light that seemingly engulfed half the street. When it had subsided, three men were left standing. Their leader of sorts (the one with the most eyeliner) came up to me and asked me if I could spare a chair and some waffles. I was blown away by this spectacle and stood dumbfounded not saying anything. He LOLed at me, turned to leave and stole an old lady's wheel chair before leaving. Years later, I would recongnize these men on MTV, being a band called Green Day."

This, and other heart renching tales of close encounters have been reported. The above account is one of the best because it has several key points. One being that Green Day appeared in the wake of a time portal. Only cyborgs made by SkyNet can travel in time portals, and have been known to do so quite often.

If we garner enough signatures, we plan on including this little known tid-bit of scientific fact in the Green Day Wikipedia article. Some of you may be questioning sources of this, but rest assured, I have proof, only I have just lost it since Hurricane Katrina. Don't be alarmed though. Wikipedia practices a form of direct democracy and sources are not needed, only enough votes. As informed by great Wikipedia members, a car can be red if enough people vote it as red. The same concept can be applied to the Green Day cyborg issue. Please make history, and truth be democracized.