Bring back Sym-bionic titan

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The name Genndy Tartakovsky is no stranger to goes for animation. He is the creator for Cartoon networks two shows. One focusing on a boy in a laboratory called Dexterвs lab. And another show focusing on a Samurai who gets a blast into the future, Samurai Jack. Since these two shows have been finished. People have wondered what Genndy would have in stored for them, for original programming. If it be a new show, or an animated feature length film. However a show was made called Sym-bionic titan. To much of a surprise it was for the fans of Mr. Tarakovksy. People have often cited Titan as the next Samurai jack(Due to it being an action show). However something had happened. Cartoon Network has made what the fans are calling a major mistake and canceling the show. And for what reason you ask? Due to a lack of toys based on the show. Now. As silly as this may sound, it is no lie. And people as well as fans of Sym bionic titan are questioning the stupidity of this act.

Sym-bionic titan has high ratings as well as a strong fan-base but to no avail a cancellation on the show has been made. Despite having rather high ratings as well as a positive feedback to both critics and fans of the work of Genndy Tartakovsky. And what is worst is that Genndy has moved to work for Sony animation. And the cancellation of this leaves the future plans for this show unfinished. People are speculating that Cartoon network does not care for high quality animation like Sym-bionic titan and only cares about horribly animated shows like Johnny test to the upcoming вThe Problem Solverzв. Which is believed to replace titan. You people at Cartoon network are probably dumber than Ted Turner canceling Swat Kats over Captain Planet, and there are people who are not happy with that as much as canceling Sym-bionic titan. Most studios have made dumb choices, but heck this is the dumbest choice in the history of dumb choices. Even though the last few episodes of the first season are being made as we speak. Now fans have saw Sym-bionic titan going on a similar route to Samurai jack. Meaning 4 seasons, as well as finishing off the series with an animated feature for a theatrical release. However such plans for this are canceled. And we would like to see Sym Bionic titan continue. Genndy had plans for going beyond 20 episodes. Now please give him a chance to let him finish with Sym-bionic titan. We want to know what he has in stored in his mind to bring to the drawing table and turn it into an episode, an episode of awesomeness. You gave him the respect when he was doing Dexterвs lab as well as Samurai Jack. So why did you change your mind after what Genndy has done for you? Please bring back Titan to Cartoon Network. And if you do, donвt put the new episodes on Saturday. Put them on either Friday or Wednesday at 7 pm.