The Amazing Race: Gilligan Zac Turney's Second Chance

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Anyone who watched the 3rd/4th episode of The Real Gilligans Island on TBS on the 15 was probably left feeling angry and upset.

In the previous episodes, the youngest character Gilligan Zac Turney, had made his presence felt on the island as an innocent, moral, and idealistic young man. His purpose on the show was to win money for his sick mother. Yet, as caring and sweet as he was, he was also the comedic relief on the show, with a wild, funny sense of humor built on his quirkiness. He was the obvious favorite.

During the final competition, he was cheated out of his advancement when the producers allowed his competitor to benefit from blatantly breaking their own rules. It appears that Zac was the victim of the producers agenda. In one of the more heartbreaking moments on reality TV, Zac left distraught upset at having lost to an obvious cheater, and most of all having failed to win the money for his mother.

I propose a petition to get Zac onto a TV show where the rules are strict and unbiased. He should be given a chance to compete on The Amazing Race, one he has expressed interest in playing. We may live in a world where unfair things do, in fact, happen to good people, but we also live in a world where a common voice can right the wrongs.

If anything else, Zac has proven himself, physically, mentally, and socially perfect for reality TV, and would be a magnetic draw for any audience. So producers would do well to here the call! Give Zac a second chance!