Ford Let the Legend Continue

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    Ford Motor Company, William Ford CEO
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As an avid enthusiast of the Ford Mustang I must protest the recent activities by Ford Motor Company. The idea that a company, magazine or organizations use of the name Mustang/Pony or any derivative is infringing on Ford is ludicrous. If it were not for the affordable product aftermarket dealers and companies supply and the magazines, clubs and organizations available I would not have been able to restore my early model mustang and friends would not have been able to afford and spruce up their late model Mustangs. I would not have had the benefit of valuable information available through the aforementioned resources either. As I understand trademark infringement, is it really Fords opinion that the use of Mustang/Pony or any derivative is really a strain on Fords multimillion-dollar empire. You need to acknowledge if it wasn't for the aforementioned resources and the pride individuals take in Mustangs, the Mustang would not have survived this long. It is individuals like me that promote the love and confidence in Ford products that prolong and promote the existence and continued success of the Mustang. If it is Fords intention to alienate previous and future buyers of their products, or have individuals cover the name or sell their vehicles then fines and fees are the best way to go about this. If this is not Fords intention then it is suggested they rethink the road they are traveling and leave well enough alone and let the legend continue.