Support Oklahoma's "Petition for Impanelment of a Presidential Grand Jury Probe"

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    District Court for the County of Muskogee, Okla.
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We, the undersigned People, hereby declare our support for the proposed impaneling of a state grand jury in Muskogee, Oklahoma, for the purpose of investigating, and reporting upon, the alleged criminality of U. S. President George Walker Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney.


As shown by the following text of activist Larry W. Bryant's letter to Internet radio talk-show host Jerry Pippin, the first step in this grassroots accountability process has been taken:

TO: Mr. Jerry Pippin
Radio Productions (
P. O. Box 333
Muskogee, OK 74402

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: May 18, 2006

While the few state legislatures that thus far have been called upon by their citizenry to consider issuing a Bush-Cheney impeachment resolution take their sweet time in doing so, I have an alternate proposal:

As you probably know, only two states in the union have a constitutional provision allowing empanelment of a grand jury on the strength of the requisite number of petition signatories from the registered voters in a given county of the respective state.

One of these states is New Mexico; the other happens to be your state, Oklahoma.

Between now and the November 2006 election cycle, you and a handful of volunteer assistants have the opportunity to gather the several hundred signatures needed for presentment to the selected court-of-record there in your county -- a court that would have no recourse but to empanel the sought-for state grand jury to investigate, and report upon, the alleged criminal activity of Bush-Cheney (e.g., lying to the public re Iraqnam, and waging warrantless wiretapping of U. S. citizens on American soil). The resulting report could serve as an impetus for Congress to expedite its oversight power and investigatory role into how (and why) the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld regime has undermined the governmental security and constitutional protections afforded Oklahomans and all other Americans.

Of course, the empaneled grand jury would have no authority to subpoena relevant testimony or other evidence from federal officials, but it could (and should) INVITE formal submission of such evidence. Presumably, this call for evidence would smoke out some additional whistleblowers as to official, presidential wrongdoing -- and facilitate "leakage" of incriminating, verifiable documentation.

As an Oklahoman empowered by your state's constitution, you occupy a potential, historic turning point in our nation's growing demand for accountability on the part of Bush-Cheney. If you, and/or someone you know, can accept this challenge, please let me know whether you'd like for me to draft the proposed petition-for-empanelment.

As I await your response, by all means feel free to e-circulate and Internet-post the contents of this letter. Who knows: maybe someone in New Mexico might like to pursue this proposal in his/her county.


WHEREAS, Internet radio talk-show host Jerry Pippin and some of his fellow Oklahomans have accepted this People's Challenge to help restore America's democratic ideals, principles, and protections via this extraordinary legal action;

WHEREAS, Mr. Pippin now possesses a draft of the proposed petition-for-impanelment; and

WHEREAS, our signatures on this collateral, online petition signify our unqualified support for this long-overdue effort in Oklahoma toward obtaining formal redress for all aggrieved parties --

-- We hereby add our rising voices to the worldwide demand for full, prompt accountability on the part of Bush-Cheney.