A Petition to Globe Telecom (Innove) for their deceitful Explore DSL Plan (P1995 at 50\% off for 2 years)

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Back around April of 2005 the common speed for residential DSL locally was around 384kbps at a rate of around P1995 monthly, depending on which service provider you chose. I had just finished my one-year contract under Globe (Innove) and overall I was satisfied with my service, because while many other broadband providers were only offering 256kbps connections at that rate at the time, Globe was offering 384kbps and provided overall stable connections and satisfactory technical support with what seemed to be good response time. Even though my one-year contract period had been completed, I was just planning to just continue with my DSL service since I was already happy with it.

But then something amazing happened. Globe began offering a promo for their P1995 plan at 50\% off! The whole basis of this promo was allowing those who availed of it the ability to pay half the price of their P1995 service (which, at the time was 384kbps) provided they allow themselves to be locked in to a contract with Globe DSL for 2 years. Just thinking of the prospect of paying only P998 monthly for their P1995 plan was way too good to pass up, so I signed up immediately. I mean, who wouldnt, right?

And so, for the first months under the plan I, like many others who availed of this great promo, was happily surfing the net while knowing I was getting my P1995 broadband plan at half the price. I was one happy and fortunate guy and I had Globe to thank for it. That was, until Globe pulled a fast one on all of us. Or rather, a succession of fast ones:

Within months of the P1995 at half-off promo, when so many of us were already locked into the plan for 2 years, Globe increased the speed of their regular P1995 plan (they cleverly called it Explore Silver to differentiate it from our plan) to 768kbps to keep up with speed increases and keep competitive within the industry, leaving us promo subscribers behind (we were still at a measly 384kbps). This was the first slap in our face showing us that the promo was really a marketing scheme to gain more subscribers and now that they got us, in their eyes the value of our plan was not actually P1995 like we thought it was. It revealed to us that the 2-year lock in period wasnt the only negative point to this promo plan like we thought and that, unlike what most of us believed, Globe wasnt actually going to give us the real value of the P1995 service that they advertised. Was the P1995 at half price really a promo after all?

- When that happened I called Globe asking why my broadband speed was not also increased and they said that those who availed of the P1995 at 50\% off promo (we are known as the Explore plan-holders) were not included in the speed increase. I immediately questioned why not, since we are effectively under a plan valued at the same P1995 as the Explore Silver but were fortunate enough to be given 50\% off since it was a promo, but after inquiring to customer service and even writing a letter to them, they had never gotten back to me with an answer. That was almost a year ago.

Globe creates the Gentext Express Unlimited plan which offers the same 384kbps plan that we are in at an even lower regular price (P995/mo) than our 50\% off rate (P998/mo). This was the second slap in our face and a major one at that. It effectively cancelled the idea of the promo altogether making us equal to the one of the lowest plans offered by Globe at that time, whether we liked it or not since at this point we were all still locked in the 2-year contract. Our great promo where we were paying for P1995 service at 50\% off was turned into the lowest service plan right before our very eyes, and to top it off we even had to pay 3 pesos more then they did.

A few months after, Globe increases the speed for many of their low-end residential DSL plans (which includes our Explore plan) to 512kbps in an effort to, yet again, keep up with speed increases and keep competitive within the industry. Another slap in our faces which further reaffirmed that Globe didnt see us as P1995 plan-holders who availed of a 50\% off promo but rather as their low-end subscribers and therefore should be treated as such.

And recently, as if all that wasnt enough, their new promos make us Explore subscribers who were shoved to the bottom of the rate structure, look even more like fools:

New Globelines Broadband Packages:

Freedom 768kbps w/o Free Landline Phone - Php995.00
Freedom 384kbps w/ Free Landline Phone - Php995.00
Freedom 1.0mbps w/ Free Landline Phone - Php1495.00
Freedom 2.0mbps w/ Free Landline Phone - Php1995.00

With this new promo scheme, we are deceived even further by Globe. There are now subscribers paying less and getting faster speeds (Freedom 786 plan). There are subscribers with plans valued lower than our what-should-be-valued P1995 plan and getting almost twice the speed we are (Freedom 1.0 mbps plan) and they are getting a free phone line. Those who hold what should be the actual value of our plan are getting 2.0 mbps and also a free phone line (Freedom 2.0 mbps plan).

I honestly feel like Ive been cheated and I feel so sorry for the many of us who, over the past year or so, have seen the value our P1995 at 50\% off promo diminish to virtually the lowest plan in Globes lineup. Globe has unethically marginalized all of us Explore subscribers, offering what seemed at the time a great promo given to their valued customers but has now revealed itself as the carrot they used to hook us into subscribing. Our plan value of P1995 was just an illusion after all.

To Globe Telecom: Over the past year or so, I and others have sent you letters and have called your customer service regarding this matter, but have not receive reasonable response or resolution to these issues. Many online communities currently have active discussions regarding this and other matters of dissatisfied concerning Globe (Innove). I, and the many others who previously were or are currently engaged in this incredibly unsatisfactory DSL plan would greatly appreciate some sort of positive resolution to this matter so that we can finally experience the true value of the service we have been paying for over this past year-and-a-half or more. Furthermore, we insist that in the future you will appreciate your subscribers and provide for them the full value of the service(s) they have purchased from you over the entire contract period of their service plan.

* For those of you reading this who have also felt cheated by their Explore P1995 at 50\% off plan over the past year or more as a subscriber, please add your signature, story, feelings, opinion, disappointments, etc. I seem to not have made enough of a difference appealing this injustice alone over this past year, but collectively I think we can all do something standing together to change this sort of practice and even protect our fellow brothers and sisters from this sort of deceitful business practice in the future.

Thanks and God bless!