A Call to Stop Vocal Pitch Correction Abuse in the Fox TV series "Glee"

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    20th Century FOX Television and Ryan Murphy Productions
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To: Ryan Murphy Productions, 20th Century FOX Television and Adam Anders

Vocal pitch correction has become a popular music production tool. By using software such as Auto Tune or Melodyne one can make a singer's vocals pitch perfect. But when overdone it can make a singer sound like a robot. This is the case with many of the musical numbers presented thus far on the television show "Glee."

A raw video of the cast was leaked to the internet and we heard an unproduced version of a song. It sounded beautiful so we feel the use of pitch correction is not only overdone but perhaps unnecessary altogether.

The songs "Keep Holding On", "Can't Fight This Feeling" and "No Air are particularly aurally offensive. You can view an example of how pitch correction affects vocals here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f2c5CTf0Vs

You, the producers/executives of "Glee" may not think the audience can hear the pitch correction or care but if you do a web search for "glee auto tune" or "glee pitch correction" you will find otherwise.

We would love to see this problem rectified as soon as possible. And if Glee is put on DVD we would like remixed versions of the songs that don't have robotic vocalists. A lot of potential viewers are being turned off by this aspect of the show. Let high school student singers sound like high school students for crying out loud!