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first nations missing and murdered women

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Good day all my relations. This petition is to gather ALL the names of the First Nations Women who have been missing and murdered across Canada.
There will be a National "walk4justice" leaving Vancouver, BC, June 25, 2008 arriving in Ottawa, Ontario September 2008 for opening day of the fall sessions of parliment. (usually shortly after labour day)This list will be presented to the prime minister of Canada upon our arrival in Ottawa in September 2008.
We need to take a stand for justice, closure, equality, basic human rights and ACCOUNTABILITY for our missing and murdered women and the families and children they left behind. We need to let them know that these women were loved and never to be forgotten. We need to be their voice so that we can stop this on going legacy of genocide by murder. Please, if you know someone who is missing or that has been found murdered and still unsolved, give us their names, where and when they went missing. Then we can present, to the prime minister, a true number of our women who have been victimized by this horrible legacy. We can be the voices for their children, our future leaders.
My prayers for safety, health and prosperity to all and thank you for your invaluable time and support.
All my Relations,
Gladys Radek
Advocate for the Highway of Tears