Ban the Golliwogs

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This petition is set forth in support of those in the United Kingdom who have Petitioned the Prime Minister to BAN Golliwogs, Golliwoggs, Gollys, Gollies forever! That petition may be viewed here:

We are petitioning the Prime Minister to openly condemn and admonish the continued use of the term "golliwog" as a descriptor of individuals of African descent as well as the sale of these racially offensive creatures.


The Golliwog (originally spelled Golliwogg) is the least known of the major anti-Black caricatures in the United States. Golliwogs are grotesque creatures,1 with very dark, often jet black skin, large white-rimmed eyes, red or white clown lips, and wild, frizzy hair.

The Golliwog began as a storybook character created by Florence Kate Upton, born in 1873. In the 1970s Steiff produced a Golliwog who looked like a woolly haired gorilla. Blyton wrote in her book how a Golliwog asks the hero for help, then steals his car.

An excerpt from The Three Golliwogs: Woggie and Nigger said they would start off without him, and Golly would catch them up as soon as he could. So off went Woggie and Nigger, arm-in-arm, singing merrily their favourite song - which, as you may guess, was Ten Little Nigger Boys.

Ten Little Niggers is the name of a children's poem which celebrates the deaths of ten Black children, one-by-one. Ten Little Niggers was also the name of a 1939 Agatha Christie novel, whose cover showed a Golliwog lynched, hanging from a noose. The Golliwog's reputation was also hurt by the word wog. But it is indeed the doll and the word wog that is offensive. In the 1960s the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders wore a golly brooch for each Arab they had killed.

This is ludicrous and you must take action against these racist, degrading and deeply hurtful dolls. Thank you


We, the undersigned, remind the Prime Minister, that London has been selected to host the 2012 Olympics. Millions of will be in attendance. Including both spectators and athletes of African descent. All eyes will be on London and the UK as you prepare for this global event and human interest stories will abound as 2012 draws closer. These controversial and racist creatures and slurs must not be an underlying theme of a global event that symbolizes tolerance and humanity for all world citizens.