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Mac Google Toolbar Petition

This is a petition to advise Google of the massive amount of Macintosh users who are eager to see the Toolbar for the Macintosh.

The Google Toolbar is a utility, which is integrated into the web browser that assists in searches, and help improves results. The toolbar is more than a Search Box - it shows Page Rank, gives quick access to search Google, Newsgroups, Images, News, and display directory listings for particular web pages.

Those users who utilize Microsoft Internet Explorer have taken advantage of the Google Toolbar for years; it has assisted the users in searching and finding what they are looking for. Google has shown interest towards Macintosh users for years but has not had the demand to have the Toolbar made for the Mac. We hope that this petition will help Google realize there is the demand.

We understand that Apple's Safari has a Google search box enabled, however the Toolbar offers more than a simple search. The Google Toolbar also allows for the following:

Search The Web
Search This Site
Search for Images
Search Newsgroups
Search Directory
Search News
Vote For Site
Cached Snapshot of Page
Find Similar Pages
Backward Links
Highlighting Search Terms
I'm Feeling Lucky
Search Regions
Google Answers

The toolbar can only be used by those who meet the current system requirements which are: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later