Require Global Warming Classes in All Public Schools

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    U.S. Congress, all public educators
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    United Citizens Against Global Warming and Favoring Education of Real Science on this Vital Issue
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Global warming has reached crisis proportions, and we must take immediate action to stop it before it causes catastrophic damage. The best way to do that is by educating young people, who can then communicate this message of urgent concern to their parents and other adults.

We demand that you immediately include global warming as part of the curriculum of all public schools across the U.S. This course - mandatory in all grades from kindergarten to 12th - will include required viewings of the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" by Vice President Al Gore, a curriculum fashioned from the movie, and other informational brochures and handouts for each student. Grade- and situation-appropriate tests will be developed to ensure - in a culturally-sensitive manner - that each student fully understands the threat we face. The news that England is already sending copies of Vice President Gore's film to their secondary schools is heartening, but as the U.S. is responsible for the lion's share of global warming we must take their actions even further by making it a compulsory part of the educational system.

Only through a crash course of education on this vital topic can we even begin to deal with the disastrous impacts of this crisis.