Gears of War Map Packs

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As avid gamers of Gears of War online we were pleased to hear of the coming map packs to Xbox Live Marketplace. Map pack #1 and the Annex mode with title update were free, as promised by Epic. For Epic, giving out downloadable upgrades for their games for free is just an extension of their support and love for the community. They did this on the PC and were planning to do this on the Xbox 360. Since Microsoft has set up a business model for Xbox Live which uses micro-transactions they wanted Epic to charge consumers for extra content. The first map pack was released for free because Discovery Channel sponsored this content for their show Future Weapons. As it stands now, all future map packs will be downloadable but will be priced as Microsoft and Epic see fit. Later on when the map packs are released they will be given out for free. This stems from a dispute Microsoft and Epic settled on the subject. Since the new map packs were set out to be free we call for the release of these map packs to be free in the future or be released in the following ways:

- Have the map packs downloadable for FREE for a limited period of time. For example: Texas Hold 'Em Poker for Xbox Live Arcade was free for the first 48 hours.
- Have the map packs downloadable for FREE at a much earlier time. As it stands now we can download map pack #2 for FREE on September 3 2007.

Please listen to your consumers, the community, and fulfill our request as stated above.