Kirkland WA Off Leash Dog Parks

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    City of Kirkland WA Government
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WE the undersigned, support the development of Kirkland Off-leash Dog parks. The actual sites to be determined by working with the Parks Department
Kirkland is a city with a great sense of community. The dog owners in those communities appreciate the quality of life in Kirkland and the sense of neighborhood. They would like to get to know their dog-owning neighbors in a safe legal setting for their dogs to socialize in.

- Taxpaying dog owners and non-dog owners want local dog park where dogs can lawfully be off leash.
- Volunteer stewards can effectively help run local dog parks in Kirkland with the city as their partner
- Kirkland is a city of neighborhoods and off-leash areas would provide our communities with a local venue where both the people and the dogs could enjoy socializing .

Thank you for your consideration.