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Through this online petition, we would like to manifest our disapproval with the current default wallpaper of the next Ubuntu version, Gutsy Gibbon 7.10, due in October 18th, and also suggest a proper replacement for it. Please, read the details below.

The wallpaper in question is this, known as Brown Fluid:

Many concerns were raised throughout the web, among them:

⚫ It's too boring, and too similar with the wallpapers from previous versions.
⚫ It's too similar to the Apple MacOSX and Microsoft Vista wallpapers.
⚫ It's image quality is questionable, as it's too grainy and it presents many artifacts.
⚫ It's too dark, hiding the special effects of the new Compiz window manager, such as drop-shadows.
⚫ Considering all points listed above, this wallpaper currently is the identity of the new version, being displaying in countless screenshots and reviews, and it will be the first contact a new user will have with the OS.

Also, this wallpaper has proven to be extremely unpopular, both by long-time Ubuntu users, and by users from other OSes as well, as manifested through the links below:

Ubuntu Forums: Poll
Ubuntu Forums: Discussion
Launchpad Bug Entry

But besides all these concerns, a solution is already at hand as Damian Vila, an artist from Ubuntu Art Team, has developed the incredible Animal Series wallpapers, that have been highly praised among the community. Some highlights of the series are:

⚫ They are very unique and not present in any other OS.
⚫ They are very beautiful and well made, with great animal textures.
⚫ They fit perfectly with the Ubuntu Human theme and feeling.

You can check these wallpapers by clicking on the following link:
Animal Series Wallpaper Pack

By signing this petition, we publicly state our dissatisfaction with the current wallpaper, and also demonstrate our desire that it be replaced with the Animal Series. As enforced by our signatures below, we firmly believe Ubuntu will become a better and more beautiful OS for old users and new users alike.