Release of Gabriel Yared's Rejected Troy Musical Score on DVD and/or Soundtrack Album

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    Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
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We, The Undersigned, hereby request that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. allow Gabriel Yared's rejected "Troy" motion picture score to be available on the upcoming DVD release as a separate audio track, and/or as a commercially available music album.

During the final stages of production on the motion picture "Troy", composer Gabriel Yared's musical score to the film was rejected by Warner Bros. and director Wolfgang Petersen, due to an unfortunate occurence at a test screening in which the selected crowd proclaimed the score as "overpowering and too big, old fashioned and dated the film". As a result, Mr. Yared's score was thrown away, and he was denied the ability to refine or enhance his work, instead replaced with a soundtrack by James Horner.

After the release of the film, Mr. Yared posted select portions of his score on his website,, allowing the general public to listen to the cues he specifically wrote for the film. After Mr. Yared posted the selected audio tracks on his website, the small portions of his score have created a large show of support among film music enthusiasts, fans of the film, and cinema afictionados in general, and they have shown great interest in having the soundtrack available for viewing on the DVD as a separate, additional audio track on the forthcoming DVD release, along with the original James Horner score (Much like the Jerry Goldsmith/Tangerine Dream soundtracks on the "Legend" DVD release by Universal Studios), and/or a commercial release on audio CD.

We request that Warner Bros. allows Mr. Yared to finish mixing and producing his score, if necessary, and permit it to be commercially available to the general public.

As we are all great admirers of Gabriel Yareds work for Troy, we would hate to see such a masterpiece be put to waste by having it declined commercial release, due to a small group of opinions forwarded long before we had the opportunity to hear Gabriel Yared's epic soundtrack. Thank yo