Felony Charges Asked for Tortured, Slaughtered Rabbits in Bay Shore

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    Thomas J. Spota, District Attorney
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During a weekend family gathering at the Loverso home in Bay Shore, Matteo Loverso and Rosario Loverso, (father and son) shot a video entitled our vacation. This horrible, heartbreaking tape consisted of large, brown rabbits being punched and slapped repeatedly with full force by two adult males, Matteo and Loverso. It shows the rabbits being set upon by the family dog at the command of the son while family members cheered him on. It shows the rabbit, in shock and pain with a broken back, slowly and futilely trying to get away. The film shows living rabbits being used for karate practice while being held upside down by members of the family. It shows the rabbits being kicked, held by their hind legs, swung around and hurled into the air. Throughout this entire video, one of the most disturbing features is the background noise of laughter and banter exhibited by the family toward the animal's plight. Mixed with that are the awful and heart wrenching sounds of distress, the screaming that rabbits will do when in moral danger. The sound is similar to that of a small child. Finally, at the end, a rabbit that had been punched into unconsciousness wakes up while it is being skinned. They never stopped. The rabbit screamed in unimaginable pain, but they never stopped skinning him. The brutal and tremendous violence in full view of children who are observed in the video, is particularly disturbing.

We the undersigned protest the extreme cruelties committed by the Loverso family in Bay Shore under the thin veil of tradition. We ask that maximum felony charges are filed against Matteo Loverso and Rosario Loverso as well as any other individual involved in this horrific case.