Boycott the newspapers!

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Boycott the newspapers!

A cause everyone can support

Anybody who is a consumer has the power to boycott. We are in reality empowering ourselves when we say to the mainstream media (MSM): We refuse to buy into your lies. Therefore were not buying newspapers.

Newspapers are enablers allowing Malaysias ancien regime to sustain its self-serving shaping of our world. We believe that civil society is informed enough to protest against being brainwashed by MSM disinformation.

The newspapers claim Hindraf are violent and racist troublemakers. Well, we know who the real racists and troublemakers are. The newspapers claim police did not use force against Indians at Batu Caves on the eve of the Hindraf rally. Photographs show the Indians herded behind the temple gates, locked in, gassed to tears and doused with chemical-laced water.

When our authorities bully the most marginalized of communities, and newspapers blacken these victims of marginalization, then our country has reached a watershed. Civil society has no other choice but to be morally outraged over this spindoctoring.

The newspapers also misreported the numbers who supported Bersih in our capital city, saying few when there were many; they misreported the numbers who supported MICs show of force at Cheras stadium, saying many, many more than there really were.

MSM have lied too much on too many matters for too long. And they will keep on lying unless we tell them Enough already!

We are not breaking any law by making a personal decision not to buy

We are not causing trouble nor promoting racial or religious disunity by boycotting newspapers. In fact, it is newspapers that are promoting a distorted communalism to keep their political masters Malaysias racist political parties in power, and us in a climate of fear. And the longer this parasitic power structure remains unchallenged, the more the lowest strata of society will be affected.

Because we are Malaysians with conscience and our conscience is rightly troubled by government mouthpieces spinning webs of deceit, The Peoples Parliament is calling for Hartal.

We are all doing the conscionable thing to check the unrelenting and dangerous indoctrination by newspapers. This signature campaign is about how we, the people, can stand up and be counted. Its about reclaiming Truth and taking our country back.

Thank you for your support against the falsehood-mongers. We thank you for caring enough to reform your reading habit.

To find out the truth, please visit us here:

[The Peoples Parliament, an advocacy website for civil society aspirations]