Hartz Flea & Tick Products - Dangerous for Pets

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    Hartz Mountain Corp. & Retailers carrying Hartz brand topical flea & tick products
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Despite multitudes of well-documented cases of Hartz Flea & Tick Products causing injury and death to many innocent pets, Hartz Mountain Corp. continues to deny any wrongdoing and insists that its products are safe.

Evidence against the safety of Hartz Flea & Tick products continues to grow rapidly. TV news channels have ran numerous reports on the problem and a class action suit has been filed against Hartz Mountain Corp. by the law firm of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP and Squitieri & Fearon, LLP. However, these deadly products are still being sold in stores across the nation and remain well within the reach of unsuspecting consumers who are unwittingly putting their beloved pets into harm's way.

Further information regarding the class action lawsuit against Hartz Mountain Corporation can be found online at the following address:

The principal ingredient in Hartz brand Flea & Tick products for cats is a 40-year-old chemical pesticide called Phenothrin. Although long since banned for use as a lawn pesticide, due its toxicity, Phenothrin constitutes over 85\% of the total ingredients in Hartz Advanced Care Plus topical flea & tick drops for cats.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also actively collecting information regarding incidents with pets that have been affected by Hartz Flea & Tick products. EPA findings to date criticize Hartz for their testing practices and have suggested re-evaluation of these products for their safety. The EPA has also highlighted problems with the way in which Hartz Mountain Corp. has incorrectly categorized reported incidents of problems with cats such as to obscure the severity of the problem.

Veterinarians across the country are already fully aware of the problems caused by these Hartz brand topical flea & tick medications that are available over the counter. Interviews with veterinarians in Jacksonville, FL, for example, concluded that nearly two-thirds of the approximately 30 surveyed have seen problems related to the Hartz products and see them regularly. Research among veterinarians in other states produced similar results.

WJCT Channel 4 news (covering Northeast Florida and South Georgia) aired an extensive report in late October 2002 about heartbreaking personal experiences of pet owners using Hartz brand flea & tick products, along with veterinarians warnings about the problems associated with them. WJCT held back the report for several weeks to coincide with the start of the Nielson ratings sweep period to maximize the exposure of the story, which was also picked up by other WJCT affiliate stations in Houston, Detroit & Miami. WJCTs online version of the report can be found at the following address:

The following online resources document further information related to the ongoing problems affecting pets and pet owners. The vast majority of these testimonials are from legitimately concerned, loving pet owners with nothing to gain by maligning Hartz Mountain Corp. Some of these links are stories that were run by TV news stations. Almost all of these online resources are unrelated to each other. This highlights the extent to which pet owners across the country are learning about this problem, the hard way. A search using the term hartz in Googles newsgroup search engine at http://groups.google.com produced hundreds of other results describing cases of illness and death to pets by using of Hartz Flea & Ticks Products.

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