Hire Adam Williamson

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    The Directors of Red Hat, Inc
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Red Hat should hire Adam Williamson.

Adam has been an excellent PR and backbone of the Mandriva community.
Hiring him will be a great boon to the whole Fedora/Red Hat userbase.

The decision at Mandriva S.A. to fire Mr. Williamson has made available one of the most precious assets linux has ever nurtured. The continuous flow of news and information necessary to give popularity and visibility to Mandriva was mainly in Adams hands during recent years. He wrote news, commented reviews, helped users in trouble and explained the Mandriva choices throughout the community, bridging the gap between the company and the users. Not only did he achieve all these ends with passion and kindness, he consistently respected different opinions and responded to users suggestions with a balance unseen amongst the hordes of linux leets.

We acknowledge that most of the work necessary to develop and distribute any distro is done by the community. Thanks to Mr. Williamson the community of Mandriva had grown and flourished up until this momentous opportunity. Thanks to the decision to fire him, this community can now be brought into Fedora/ Red Hat community if the appropriate decision to embrace Mr. Williamson along with the substantial userbase that he has attracted.

In closing, don't simply gloat over the collapse of Mandriva as a credible competitor - instead consider how much consolidation in the rpm community can be brought about by hiring one of the brightest stars in the linux realm.


Paul Anderson (and the whole Mandriva Community)