The David Hayter to write Metal Gear Solid Film

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Ever since the Metal Gear Solid movie has been announced, nearly every fan has been worried in what direction this film will take. Will it be faithful to the source material or will it stray away from the series that we have come to know and love. "Who will take role of Snake?" "Who will direct?" These are questions that have been bugging the minds of fans around the world since it's first announcement.

But the question people have been really dying to know the answer of is "Who will write the screenplay?" Because to us fans, that is the most important thing. Who can capture the essence of the Metal Gear franchise? Who can make the franchise appeal to new audiences without selling out, without losing the things that make Metal Gear, well, Metal Gear?

To us fans, the best candidate is none other than David Hayter. David Hayter has been the voice of Solid Snake for ten years, he is the only voice actor in the series to actually play through the games. He has an extensive knowledge of the characters and the story, he has love for Metal Gear, he has passion for Metal Gear, you can tell just by watching him speak that the series means everything to him. He knows how the mind of the characters works, he know what the characters would say and what the characters wouldn't say.

On top of this, David Hayter has an accomplished resume with films such as the highly successful X-Men and X-Men 2 under his belt. And of course, we can't forget his adaption of Watchmen, possibly the greatest comic book ever written. He took an amazing piece of work and managed to turn it into film while still keeping the essence of what Watchmen is about intact. Even Alan Moore praised his adaption!

This just shows that David Hayter is very well suited at adapting huge stories with extensive material into condensed versions while still keeping close to its source. With close supervision from Hideo Kojima, this script could come out a masterpiece. And finally the curse of adapting game into movie could be broken.

Even if you could just let David Hayter write a rough draft to see what you think. What David can achieve with his screenplay is something very close to the Metal Gear Universe, something that keeps the heart of the series intact. Something that can win fans over, Something thats not just a mindless adaption of a video game, something worth watching.

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