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We hope the following will help you understand our free online petition system and how to use it effectively.

What is PetitionOnline.com?

PetitionOnline.com provides free hosting of petitions for responsible public advocacy. We welcome petitions on almost any subject, for almost any audience.

PetitionOnline.com facilitates grassroots democracy, and provides an independent and trustworthy platform for petitioning. We believe that responsible forms of collective grassroots expression are more important than ever.

We do not accept petitions that advocate violence or extreme hostility, that use foul language, or are otherwise irresponsible and anti-social. We consider petitions that attack individuals for expression of their own legal and non-violent opinions, to be irresponsible and anti-social. We also don't accept petitions from anonymous authors.

Petition signature lines using false names and/or unacceptable language are voided whenever they are discovered.

We welcome petitions of any size at PetitionOnline.com, whether covering small local concerns, or large international controversies. Petitions we host, regularly receive a million or more signatures.

This public forum is privately sponsored and we reserve the right to refuse submissions. Petitions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of PetitionOnline.com or our sponsors.

How does PetitionOnline.com work?

To use PetitionOnline.com, simply go to the Create Page, fill in some basic information, and create your petition.

Next you promote your petition page, using email, links on your website or posting it on Facebook.

Visitors can electronically sign the petition by entering their email which we use to verify that they are a real person.

That’s it!

How are petitions delivered?

When you are ready to deliver your petition go to your petition page and click on the author sign-in link.

Click on the Deliver Petition button and the petition is automatically emailed to the target audience for the petition.

You can also choose to print the petition; for maximum impact, we recommend you do both.

You can choose to close the petition at any point or continue gathering signatures.

How are petition signatures validated?

With PetitionOnline, each signature requires a valid email address and duplicate signatures are automatically rejected. Finally each person who signs, is automatically sent a confirming email message.

How can people find my petition here?

Your petition traffic is based on how well petition authors (you) link to the petition.

Once your petition is live, we recommend you put some energy into spreading the word. The concept is simple: the more people you can send to read your petition, the more people will sign it and contribute to your cause.

Successful petition promotion might include putting links on your web pages, emailing an announcement to your friends and sympathizers, submitting your petition page to major search engines, promoting the petition in news groups and online forums, and getting as many good incoming links connected to your petition as possible. Consider contacting the traditional media press as well, locally or nationally, as appropriate.

To support your primary petition promotion efforts, each person who signs your petition will automatically receive an email message from us to confirm their signature, which also suggests that they take a moment to tell a few friends about your petition.

If your petition is a good one, with support among visitors, lots of traffic will lead to lots of signatures. And that's the whole point!

How safe are the petition signatures?

Signatures are treated with great care. The whole site including signature databases is backed up and archived.

Of course, from a legal point of view, you must assume all risk for using our free service.

How is PetitionOnline.com related to Change.org?

In late 2011, PetitionOnline.com joined forces with Change.org, the world's fastest-growing social action platform. If you are planning to start a petition in order to affect positive social change, we recommend starting it on Change.org. Any petitions that were previously started on PetitionOnline.com will continue to be hosted, free of charge, for the foreseeable future.

Can I get help writing a good petition?

We recommend exploring the site for similar petitions to get ideas of how to write a good petition.

For advice on writing persuasive letters and petitions, take a look at the book Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed! How to Write Letters of Complaint That Get Results by author and communicator Ellen Phillips.

Do petitions at PetitionOnline.com get results?

Short answer: Yes! When was the last time you heard of a sincere apology from Microsoft or CNN ?

Petitions hosted on our site have gotten more than 100,000 signatures in a week. When people join together online to express their views, it can make a difference.

Does signing a petition threaten my personal privacy?

We believe that the integrity of this petition information system is a fundamental part of what we have to offer.

Any information you provide for public viewing on a petition signatures page is accessible by anyone on the Internet. Please exercise normal caution in making your personal information public, as you would with public information on your own web page, or any other.

Information you provide confidentially, such as a hidden email address, is kept secure and accessible only by our staff for petition administration and validation purposes.

I submitted my petition yesterday. Why isn't it listed yet in the category page?

To be listed in any of the category pages, a petition must first meet certain minimum criteria. A petition will be listed in a category on the following day after it meets the threshold criteria.

How can I ask additional questions?

Just click here to send us your comments and questions

My petition is all ready. How do I submit my petition to PetitionOnline?

Once your petition is written, and double-checked, you can go from here directly to our petition creation page.

PetitionOnline.com provides free hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy. This public forum is privately sponsored and we reserve the right to refuse submissions. Petitions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of PetitionOnline.com or our sponsors. Please send us your questions, comments, and suggestions!

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