Change the laws regarding Hedgehogs in Pennsylvania

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    Pennsylvania State Legislature
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We the Undersigned Acknowledge:
Hedgehogs are illegal to possess, export or import in the state of Pennsylvania. The hedgehog trade is booming with single animals going for up to and above $100 per animal. With a 6\% sales tax the state would make $6 or more per purchase. Considering the lifespan and easy care of these animals they would be a success in Pennsylvania and the state would make a lot of money. Only a few years ago they were legal and could be found in petshops across the state. Thanks to new laws businesses have had to close. These laws are ridiculous and unsubstantiated. The most common Hedgehog in the pet trade is the African pygmy hedgehog which lives in arid desert environments in Africa. Considering the climate in Pennsylvania is nothing like that of Africa it would be impossible for the animals to survive if they were released or escaped, let alone reproduce.

We the undersigned decree:
The immediate legalization of all hedgehogs in the state of Pennsylvania.

Just remember people, laws like these proliferate quickly, if your state is bordering Pennsylvania you could be the next victims of these horrible laws. Please support this petition and help some of the breeders located in Pennsylvania get back on their feet and bring a great, prosperous trade back to the state, whether you live here or not. Thanks for your support.