'High Hopes' Television Rerun

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The purpose of this petition is to make the British Broadcasting Corporation aware of the large fan base dedicated to High Hopes, the Welsh sitcom written by Boyd Clack and Kirsten Jones. The fan base is dedicated to a rerun of High Hopes in Wales, around the U.K and even farther a field.

High Hopes is a very popular comedy and we believe it can have a broader appeal outside the confines of Wales.

As of yet the British Broadcasting Corporation have not made any plans to rerun the show outside of Wales, across Britain or indeed anywhere else. However, for years many individuals outside the confines of Wales have wanted to see the show but have never been allowed the chance. Also, many people who loved the show have wanted a commercial DVD release of the show but nothing has materialised.

By signing this petition we, the fans of the High Hopes, are declaring that there is enough demand to warrant a complete rerun of the show in its entirety. We therefore, are asking the British Broadcasting Corporation to consider showing High Hopes not only across Wales again, but throughout the United Kingdom and the other locations stated by individuals in this petition so many more people can enjoy the program.


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