Stop BBC's Anti-India/Hindu Propaganda !!!

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The reporting by the BBC of the rising tension between India and Pakistan
over the last few months has once again demonstrated the extreme bias against India, and Hindus in particular. Nothing has been said of the thousands of Hindus who have been ethnically cleaned, massacred and mutilated by terrorist groups backed by Pakistan. Nothing has been said of the violation of international law by Pakistan in backing terrorist groups as well as indulging in acts of unofficial war itself. Instead India is portrayed as the aggressor, when it has withstood for over 50 years the same terrorist attacks which affected the USA in one day. But this affair is by no means a new phenomenon. It has only enhanced the BBC's attitude over the years to portray Hinduism surely as superstitious and backward, consisting solely of forced marriage, dowry deaths, and oppressive social system. This has been the general trend on even BBC 'Asian' programmes such as East. Why is it that Hindus are singled out for this demeaning treatment? Why is India, the only democracy in the region, portrayed as an aggressive force when it tries to defend its own borders the same as the USA has done against terrorism, and the UK against the IRA, not to mention Argentina during the Falklands Crisis.Why were these not portrayed as acts of aggression? Each time Hindus are the victims of aggression it is either ignored or given minimal treatment. The genocidal attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus including mass murder and rape only gets a mention in passing without an attempt to bring the matter to world wide focus.The sub-human treatment meted out to Hindus, as well as Christians and Ahmadis as part and parcel of law in Pakistan is ignored. It would thus be interesting for us as Hindus to understand why the BBC is so intent on victimising Hindus and India with such dedicated intent.