Hall and Oates for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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We the people who appreciate good music feel it is time for Daryl Hall and John Oates to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These two gifted artists and musicians have been creating music together for over 30 years. Besides creating their own unique blend of rock and soul, they have contributed on many levels to the music industry as a whole. Hall and Oates are pioneers in production and recording, setting new industry standards and expectations. Their musical diversity has enabled them to create new and innovative sounds, influencing many individual artists with an array of styles. Their distinctive songwriting, the signature harmonies, the superb range of vocal abilities, have also allowed Hall and Oates to raise the quality of the live performance experience to new levels. Not only have they achieved all this professionally amongst their peers, but they have also reached out to the masses through their significant commercial success. They are Rock and Roll's best selling duo of all time with more than 20 hits in the top forty, including 7 number ones. The time is now to get them inducted into the Hall. They have proven their dedication and constant devotion to the industry and the art of making music. They are life long musicians who have accomplished much and as such have enhanced and left their indelible mark on the music scene of the last quarter century. Their tenure together has given us a wealth of incredible music, and they have shaped themselves to such an extent they have become an integral part of the pop/rock culture in general. Please induct these two legends into the Hall, where they so rightfully and deservedly belong.
Thank you.