Permanently Stop Homeowner and Property Owner Association Foreclosures

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Attention all homeowners and potential homeowners across the United States of America:

Protect your property from foreclosures by your neighborhood Homeowner Association (HOA) or Property Owner Association (POA). You may not be aware of this but throughout the United States, developers have been and are placing nonnegotiable restrictions and conditions of ownership on your future property as they develop the land. These restrictions and conditions are listed in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) attached to the title of the property. These CC&Rs contain a potential lien capability whereby the Homeowners Association can foreclose in the event you do not pay maintenance fees or commit some other CC&R violation such as painting your mailbox a color they dont like, or a roof type that is not approved, or if you are not cutting your lawn enough, etc. These are certainly not violations you should be foreclosed for. If you are having trouble paying your maintenance bill or fail to pay included penalties generated by your board members, you should not be subject to a foreclosure of your property. WE must get the attention of the Federal Government to stop the practice of HOAs and POAs filing foreclosure proceedings and foreclosing on our property. Lets take our rights back from these developers and injudicious Association Board Members. WE must stop this practice of including a foreclosure capability in the CC&Rs. It is unjustly robbing us of our property and causing us financial loss. WE must remove this capability from existing CC&Rs and prevent its inclusion in future CC&Rs. To that end, we, the undersigned, do petition the Congress of the United States of America to draft and pass legislation that prohibits the foreclosure of any of its citizens property by a Homeowner Association, a Property Owners Association, or any comparable homeowners Association that may go by any other title.