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A petition: To all members of Government in Florida and across the United States of America.

Since homelessness and the risk of being homeless is due to a lack of affordable housing and is increasing daily and is becoming a major problem here in Florida and also nation wide, we your constituents ask you to petition your party to support federal and state legislation that will privide enough low cost housing nationally for the working class, seniors, the disabled and other low income people.

Workers that can not find affordable housing are not accepting jobs here because of lack of affordable housing and those that are here are going to become homeless or are moving away to find places that are more affordable to live. We as Americans want to be able to live the American dream of owning there own home or being able to afford to rent and survive.

Such legislation must specify and require that funding be solely and exclusively for low cost housing and for no other purpose. We need more affordable rental units and also more affordable housing to purchase to own.