Equidable Pay and Treatment for High Plains Pizza Inc. waiters.

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    High Plains Pizza Inc. Human Resources Dept.
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    concerned and supportive citizens
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This is not so much a petition as it is a declaration of requests we wish to petition the leadership of High Plains Pizza regarding to the fair and equitable treatment of wait staff throughout the organization. We petition to be treated fairly. We do not have any greedy ambitions, we simply just wish to be treated equally. It has been said that the waiter is to the restaurant industry what the infantryman is to the military. The waiter has a great responsibility to the restaurant industry, and is vital to the survival of the restaurant industry. The waiter, unlike most other jobs, cannot be replaced by automation, it is a strictly professional job with little to no recognition. It has also been revealed by underground intelligence sources that numerous employees are being ripped off by the Commerce Bank. Most employees of High Plains Pizza use a company debit card to receive salary. However, throught the company, its been reported that lower management have been told to "over-report" tips in order to cut back on waiter pay. As we stated earlier, we do not have greedy ambitions. We just want the fair pay that we earn. In response to this grave injustice, we ask for a boycott of Pizza Huts in the High Plains Pizza Inc. institution. This involves a numerous Pizza Hut restaurants in the Oklahoma and Kansas area. The Undersigned show support to the waiters of High Plains Pizza and Pizza Hut during this boycott. The boycott will end when this error is properly corrected and those employees affected by this injustice are fairly compensated.