Save Human Rights at Roehampton University

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Dear Roehampton University,

After the sad + shocking news of the closure of the Human Rights undergraduate programme, we are outraged that you are allowing this to happen.
The Human Rights course is a fundamental aspect to this university, it has such high prestige, and students come from across the globe to study it here.
The course has enabled so many people to go on and work international at the top levels and achieve their dreams whilst improving the world for others.
Roehampton was the first institution to offer Human Rights undergraduate and still remains the best in the UK, 2nd in Europe and is recognised internationally for being a centre of excellence.
The vast skills + passion of the staff in the Human Rights programme, here at Roehampton is so diverse and important, we have staff who have worked in the United Nations, teaching students who will go on to do the same. All the students come to Roehampton for many reasons but above it all we are passionate for Human Rights and being able to make a difference in the world.
The Roehampton University website boasts that its Human Rights department "leads the way with this unique programme" It also points out other fantastic achievements:
We are home to Crucible the only government-recognised centre of excellence in teaching and learning in the field of human rights in the country, for which Roehampton was awarded 4.5 million to set up.
The programme is supported by organisations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
The head of subject for this programme is Dr Darren O'Byrne, whose publication Human Rights: An Introduction is the first textbook of its kind approaching the subject from a multidisciplinary perspective." [accessed 04-11-10]
It is unbelievable to find out that the university has turned its back on a subject of which it was once so proud. I defy anyone who has been through the fantastic Human Rights programme to sit back and let them shut this subject down! Not only is this a course that has been thoroughly enjoyable to all who experienced it, but has inspired a generation of activists who care about the people that share our world.
Please sign the petition to help Save Human Rights at Roehampton, for future generations, this course is so important to so many, not just the students and staff at Roehampton but also the rest of the world!