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To: Rogers Canada

We, the future users of the Apple iPhone, living in Canada, would like to see an unlimited data plan at a reasonable price, comparable to those seen in the United States, prior to the Q4-2007 release of the iPhone in Canada.

Increasing numbers of users have paid several hundred, and in some cases more than $1000, during one month for data usage that would have not been charged extra on any other North American carrier on their best data plan. Some customers have posted messages about their Rogers data overage costs at the following forum websites:

We, as Rogers customers, Rogers representatives, and Rogers resellers of Rogers products, are all requesting Rogers to do the following: Readjust the 25 megabyte limit to more representative industry standard levels. Rogers Canada is the carrier in North America with the lowest data limit on their best "Unlimited" data plan ( still uses the wording "Unlimited")

Rogers permit Fido Unlimited Data users to roam on the Rogers network without the 25 megabyte limit. Also, Rogers permits Treo 100 megabyte plans on the same network. This implies that the Rogers network has sufficient data capacity to support the removal of the 25 megabyte limit.

New data-intensive iPhone software such as Google Maps integration (maps, directions and satellite imagery displayed seamlessly) from can be accessed via the new iPhone software. Out-of-the-box, the iPhone models (4GB and 8GB) support the capability to do full HTML web browsing with images, flash, Java and JavaScript, Email (POP3 and IMAP) quick accessibility (including Yahoo Mail fetcher in the background), Various Internet Messenger Applications, Safari Web Browser with multiple tabs (demanding more bandwidth), various widgets (stock reports, weather, etc.), likely Flickr upload integration, full multitasking abilities (including, but not limited to, viewing webpages while downloading email), and other software now pre-installed on the iPhone that use even more bandwidth. This is expected "normal" non-excessive usage of the iPhone, on top of Calling, SMS and Voicemail. 25MB by todays standards are nowhere near "unlimited"

Rogers needs to not just look at their Canadian competitors but also other GSM carriers in North America which offer higher data usage plans with a lower monthly service fee. Since the acquisition of Fido, there has been no effort to offer a real-time voice/data tracker for the customers even though Fido still offers this.

This 25 megabyte limit was designed back when Mobile Phones only did email. The iPhone can do much more than email. Fido Wireless has no data limit. Bell Mobility recently eliminated their 100 megabyte cap. TELUS Mobility now offers a 250 megabyte BlackBerry plan for $100 per month. We would like to see a comparable data plan given to Canadian iPhone users. Data usage charges are outrageous compared to other global markets!

Mobile phones are becoming more consumer-friendly. Even RIM has redesigned their website to appeal to non-business users. Therefore, Rogers Data Plans need to be more consumer-friendly and small-business friendly.

Additionally, There is no way to self-monitor data usage, until the end of the billing period. It is easy to accidentally exceed the data limit before you receive the bill. We would like to be able to check our data usage easily, through a simple webpage.

Readjusting the Rogers data plans will help Rogers sell more iPhone subscriptions, bring more iPhone users online, make the iPhone more consumer-friendly, make it easier for Rogers stores to sell iPhones, and make it easier for people to switch from Bell/TELUS to Rogers. This benefits Rogers Canada, Rogers stores and representatives, and Rogers customers as a whole.