pdf booklets for purchased albums from iTMS

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    iTMS music purchasers
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We, the undersigned, would like Apple to start offering pdfs of album booklets for albums we purchase in the iTunes Music Store (heretofore known as iTMS). Having the music from the album is nice, but part of the whole music listening experience lies in looking through the booklet while listening to the album. Many booklets contain the lyrics which, when purchased from iTMS, we are denied that experience. Much work and money goes in to the creation of these CD booklets. Artists spend hours, days, even months creating the perfect artwork, and yet with iTMS we are given a 1 X 1 square representation of ONLY the cover. Booklets also contain songwriting and musician/producer credits. Only sometimes do these appear on the album pages in iTMS...and always in an abbreviated format. Artists spend much time creating their "Special Thanks"....all missing from iTMS. PLEASE consider making these available for downloading.