Stop the Iams Animal Testing

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    President of Iams, Jeffrey P. Ansell
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One word Iams. This is the company that is pet owners provider for food and various treats for their dog or cat. But at what cost? Iams has participated and funded for lab experiments on hundred of poor animals that caused kidney and liver damage, severe allergic reactions, severe skin wounds, and other painful illnesses that dogs or cats would not normally get. They endure all of this with normally no pain killers and are then put back into metal cages left to suffer. Dogs have been force-fed vegetable oil and muscle that has been removed from their thighs. They also have been de-barked so that it would not disturb the researchers. Iams suddenly developed a Research Policy stating they would not harm or kill any cat or dog in there research from now on. But they did not provide proof that the policy had been put into action. In a nine month undercover investigation conducted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) showed that animals were still being treated poorly even though they had a Research Policy. Sign the petition to be given to the president of Iams, Jeffrey P. Ansell, in hope that it will end this cruel act. Iams has been treating animals like this for over 25 years, lets not go for 25 more.

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