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In December, Malawi's first gay couple got married, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza.
Next week they are to stand trial. They face up to fourteen years in prison and hard labor for their actions of proclaiming their love for each other and getting married.

Malawi is a beautiful country and is rich in culture and diversity. This ruling will be a stain on its beauty and richness. We ask that the International Community of activists, UNICEF, politicians in Malawi and International Human Rights lawyers speak up and help these men. By doing this, protection of individual rights will be served and precedent set to in order to open the doors for other couples to be able to stop living in fear.

Please sign this petition in support of these two men and stop this trial and its violation of human rights. Let's uphold the right to love, regardless of gender, protected from court punishment and discrimination.