Uwe Boll for Nolan Bushnell Biopic

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It has come to Lord Bowsers attention that Nolan Bushell is to be the subject of a Hollywood biopic. This is wonderful news and I, Lord Bowser, congratulate him wholeheartedly. According to various sources, Leonardo Di Caprios Appian way is behind the project. The addition of Mr Di Caprio gives the project real weight; I support this wonderful project.

Im not sure if the public are aware, but there is a glorious filmmaker named Uwe Boll. He has carefully handled many projects from the world of video games: House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Postal, to name a few. And I, an avid fan high minded cinema, as well as many others, have enjoyed his work over the years.

So my request is this: to the people of Appian Way, if it were in any way possible, could you allow Uwe Boll to handle this project. I'm sure he would direct this project with the deft touch we have seen in many other of his incredible productions.