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Local Familiarity vs. Imported Unknowns

Attention: The Ottawa Muslim Association

The Nation's Capital is 60,000 Muslims strong; Proper leadership is INTEGRAL and more important than anything else. While we, the undersigned, are open to a knowledgeable and active Imam, we are equally concerned about overseas imports. There are local Imams that fit the bill - one of them is producing amazing results right before our eyes. We do not need to import an Imam from abroad. We need an Imam who has a command of English, who has lived in the West and who has knowledge of daily societal pressures. We need a leader with vigor, energy, and foresight.

We, the undersigned, see all of the former and more in the current Imam, Abdurrahman Al Hejazy. Since Sheikh Al Hejazy began, the mosque attendance has more than tripled, donations have more than doubled, and people have paid heed to his call for activism in our Muslim organizations and greater community. By Allaah's Mercy, he has brought the Mosque back to life and unified the community with the young, the old and not-yet-Muslims that are searching for the truth. We love Imam Al Hejazy because Allaah has shown us that he and our community make a near ideal match. Alhamdu Lillaah. He has clearly gone above and beyond the call of duty and WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, want to see him awarded with full leadership so that our Mosque flourishes.

Can we really put a price on increased mosque attendance, membership, and programs, all of which will in turn generate the funds that the Mosque desperately needs? If the majority of the congregation is displeased, then Mosque funds will undoubtedly plummet!

Regain the communitys trust: Look no further for an Imam. Allaah has blessed us with what we need - RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!

Thank you for your attention and please, do what is right so that the OMA and our Masjid continue to glow with Faith.