For a Responsible Immigration Policy

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    The United States government
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Whereas the United States of America's immigration
policy is in shambles. The laws are not being
enforced or respected:

Whereas the population of America is well on its
way to 400 million by the 2050 because of mass
immigration, against the wishes of the American

Whereas the many members of Congress and even
President Bush want to reward criminals who have
violated federal law. Such actions as extending the
loophole S245i and even considering another amnesty
for people who are not loyal to the United States of
America or the U.S. Constitution and its laws and

Whereas leaders such as President Bush, Senator Phil
Gramm, House Minority Leader Gephardt and Senate
Majority Leader Tom Daschle are trying to deceive the
Amercian people with guestworker programs and earned

Whereas in polls taken time after time that indicate
that Americans are not in favor of another amnesty, a
guestworker program, or mass immigration:

Whereas Mexico is betraying the US government by
trying to take over America's southwest and supporting
illegal immigration:

Whereas America needs to deport all illegal aliens
immediately and to secure its borders, even using the

Whereas America needs English at its official
language to unify its citizens:

Whereas America needs a sound and reasonable
immigration policy because of security lapses and lack
of enforcement of current laws:

Whereas the motor-voter law has made a mockery of
America's elections and needs to be repealed because
of voter fraud:

We, the undersigned, legal and loyal American
citizens demand:

That the United States of America needs to be a
sovereign nation again. The best place to start is
with America's immigration policies. At this time of
urgency and crisis America needs to stand united. We
are a nation of laws and we need to demonstrate to the
world that we will uphold our laws.

The US government should immediately:

Deport all illegal aliens, reduce the number of
immigrants allowed into America every year to
traditional levels of 250,000, pass a law making
English the official language of the United States of
America, repeal the motor-voter law, put an end to the
Mexican reconquering of California and the Southwest,
outlaw amnesties, guestworker programs,earned
regularization, and loopholes that cheapen American

We expect and demand the federal, state and local
Governments of the United States should put America
and its legal, loyal citizens first... now.