We Want IN-n-OUT To Build In Idaho

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    Fast Food Lovers
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Dear In-N-Out Lovers:

All who have eaten at this wonderful resturant know how hard it is to live in the Boise area without one.

We recently emailed In-N-Out to find out how we can get their wonderful resturant up here. Their reply was simply this, "We would also like to thank you for your suggestion to open a location in Boise, Idaho. We plan on expanding as far as we can, and particularly into areas in which our customers have expressed interest. As such, we are happy to let our Real Estate Department know that you are anxious to have an In-N-Out Burger in your area!".

So if you want an In-N-Out resturant here, please take some time to complete this petition or go to their website and contact them with the following message;

Dear In-N-Out, Please come to Boise Idaho. Thank you.

I know it will only take a few more customers to get our favorite resturant to reside here.

Thanks fellow In-N-Out Lovers