Tokyopop's Initial D Name Changes

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    Fans of Initial D
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We, as fans of the anime and manga series Initial D, feel that Tokyopop didn't show the proper consideration when deciding to change the original japanese names of the characters.

We understand the need of something more "mainstream" to be aired on tv, but we feel changing it also in the manga version was unnecessary and disrespectful not only to the fans that already know the characters by their japanese names, but also for the ones that bought the fist volume of the manga, where everything was in the original japanese format.

We hope Tokyopop will not only release a DVD where the fans of the japanese names have this option, but also that a REAL 100\% Authentic version of the Initial D manga will be released right along with the new "american" version, so everyone will have the option of buying which version they please.

We want to be a part of the Initial D experience, but in its original format, and whitout having to wait for a late "Collector's Edition".

The original Initial D fans don't want to be left behind on this race!