Save "The Inside"

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    Fox Broadcasting Company
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Dear Fox,

We have had no choice but to stand by as you've cancelled one great show after another. We've been through Firefly, Tru Calling, and most recently, Point Pleasant, to name a few. And then you started on the path to redemption by bringing us "The Inside." We said to ourselves, "Oh no, this is a really good show. Fox is going to cancel it. This is what they always do." And now, we see our fears being brought to life.

How about you finally listen to the FANS and give this show a chance. Summer viewing is hard, but if you let this show live on, you will NOT be disappointed. We are dedicated to this show, and to bringing more fans to watch it. Give us more than 4 measly weeks to prove that to you.

Give The Inside a chance. It has great potential. If you keep doing things like this, your network WILL go down. Please reconsider your poor decision.

Thank you.