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To whom it may concern,

We the undersigned are loyal owners of current and not so current Dell laptops who wish to get the maximum use from our substantial investments in your mobile equipment.

To that end, we request that Dell (or a 3rd party) provide purchasable video card upgrade cards for present and recent Dell laptops.

Since Dells recent laptops are all modular in design with regards to the video configuration, we feel Dell is in a unique position to provide this service to a large number of existing Dell customers, thereby shoring up customer loyalty and providing another first in the aggressively competitive worldwide laptop market.

We feel that the extra investment in purchasing a laptop compared to a desktop of the same spec would be better justified if the laptops had some form of video card interchangeability with newer faster models, after all, cheaper desktops units can do it, so why cant we?

Since most of us have already chosen Dell as our hardware provider, we naturally look to you to lead the market in this instance as you have in so many others.
ATI has released Flexfit(tm) for this very reason, and with Dells already well established expertise in this area, we feel it would not be difficult for you to give us an extra reason to make our next laptop a Dell as well.

After much discussion on your own community forums, most of the requests are related to,
(but are not limited to) the following laptops:

Inspiron 8xxx series.
Inspiron 5xxx series.

The most requested upgrade is at present, the ATI Mobility Radeon 9x00/pro. Also popular is the request for the Nvidia 5650FXgo to be a purchasable upgrade for earlier models as well.

Since it is said that ATI has already done some of the work here, we ask that Dell step up to the plate and provide us, your past, present and future customers with the option to keep our laptops graphically up to date with newer technology then they were originally provided with.

Providing this service would benefit Dell in several ways.
1. An industry first. (Graphic upgrades for current AND recent laptops.)
2. Customer loyalty would be greatly increased.
3. Marketing, Dell could turn this into a fantastic marketing opportunity.
4. Profit, we are not asking that you do this for free.

Since the industry appears to be heading this in this direction anyway, we would prefer it if Dell leads the way.